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calendar coverLibraries are essential to Family Literacy. In South Carolina, libraries bridge the gap for those who may not have access to resources for a variety of reasons. Libraries educate the whole family by providing computer and internet access, materials such as books and music, access to health information to help them lead healthier lives, and interaction with staff that are skilled in programming to engage young children to learn.

In order to assist family literacy efforts across South Carolina, the South Carolina State Library launched a new project: a perpetual print activity calendar. The calendar begins with September and each month has a theme that encompasses books, songs, activities, health information, and family wellness information. You are looking at the web version: an interactive version which uses multimedia to enhance the content and bring these various components to life. If families can only spend a few minutes together, this calendar will give them something they can use to make sure that this is quality time as well as educational time.

Our calendar will highlight South Carolina, feature state symbols, nature and historical sites, state events, and be representative of the multiculturalism of the state. We were fortunate to receive grant funding to publish the first version. We continue to raise money through donations and sales so that we can make them available free of charge to our SC educators and families. We also hope to translate into Spanish and Braille and make all versions as multicultural and accessible as possible.


  • Reach children and their families throughout South Carolina, giving them something they can do together to foster skills, especially kindergarten readiness skills
  • Remind families of the importance of reading, provide important health and wellness information, and break down the family-friendly kindergarten standards into usable pieces
  • Place a special emphasis on reaching those of single-parent households, low-income families, children born to young mothers, and those living in English as a Second language households; partner with agencies that serve preschool children, and those who provide family health care and conduct health outreach initiatives, offering programs in the libraries, events and outreach opportunities statewide
  • Encourage families to come to the library for exposure to more books and developmentally appropriate activities
  • Stress the importance of making good food choices by focusing on fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy; connecting with what’s freshest and available locally in South Carolina; and connecting with programs that also offer healthy cooking educational programs
  • Help bridge the gap of our lowest literate families to connect with adult education opportunities

Children will benefit from the opportunity to develop early literacy skills and enjoy positive learning experiences, immersing themselves in print-rich environments which will help them become more successful in school and ultimately lifelong learners. Research shows that a parent who spends more time with a child, conducting many language interactions per hour, helps to increase the child’s vocabulary which can result in better school readiness. Early interactions with children directly affect the way the brain develops and can help to reduce risk. The calendar will open up a new set of opportunities for parents and caregivers to work at home with their children, to come to the library, and expose them to books and educational music. Whether they have a computer in the home or just at the library, parents and children are introduced to a multimedia literacy center through the calendar’s online version which engages a variety of learning styles through color, music and activities.

We feel it is important to help reinforce the positive messages of agencies that also work to better the lives of South Carolinians. We want families to take pride in the offerings of their state whether it is participating in story time at their community’s library, going to the local watermelon festival, accessing local healthy foods, getting immunizations and health checkups, or a wide variety of other opportunities in support of health, wellness and literacy.


calendar coverThe South Carolina Day by Day Family Literacy Activity Calendar was a collaboration of many wonderful and talented people. You will see the logos of those organizations have joined us as partners in the project on various web pages and we are grateful for their support.

In addition, we wish to personally thank the following individuals. From the School of Library and Information Science at the University of South Carolina, we are grateful for the poetry of Dr. Linda Lucas Walling, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, and for the support and contributions of Dr. Patricia Feehan, Associate Professor. We thank librarians, teachers, professionals and SLIS students including Elizabeth Brinley, Rachel Huddlestone, Wendy Allen, Beverly Bullock, Dina Grant, Deann McManus, Laura Kennett, Darcey Mesaris, Evelyn Parks, Sherry Rampey and Roberta Stone.

We are grateful to Mark Olencki and Wofford College for the photography of the artwork. We are grateful to the writers and illustrators who shared their words of wisdom including Betsy Byars, Joyce Hansen, Dianne “Dinah” Johnson, Kate Salley Palmer, Lucy Nolan, and Fran Hawk. Thank you to Noah Margo and The Tokens for allowing us to share their music, and Marilyn Tsirigotis, Director of the Harvin Clarendon Public Library for assisting us with highlighting Peggy Parish.

Thank you to Susanna Brailsford of the Literary Arts Partnership (now Frances Kablick is in this role), Maria E. Arroyo and Gigi Towers of the Lexington Parent Information and Resources Center, Talking Books Services, and the board of the South Carolina State Library Foundation. From the SC Department of Agriculture, we thank the Commodity Boards and Ansley Rast and Brad Boozer of the Certified SC Grown program.

The art and design is brought to life through the original artwork and illustrations of Helen Correll of Spartanburg, SC and Colleen Coletta of Design Studio C in Columbia, SC. From the Library Development Services Team: Deborah Hotchkiss, Denise Lyons, Kathy Sheppard, and Kara Gibbs of the South Carolina State Library, we thank all those who helped and supported this project.

We dedicate this to families across South Carolina and hope you use it to develop a love for books and learning that will last a lifetime.

Information about the Printed Calendar

The South Carolina Day by Day Family Literacy Calendar is designed to be a tool that families, caregivers, educators and librarians can use at home and in the classroom to further develop early literacy skills that help young children become prepared for school or do better in school.

The Calendar is a project of the South Carolina State Library, working in partnership with many agencies and organizations, and primarily funded by a Library Services and Technology Act grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

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