April 18

Sing a Song!

Build A Home

Deep in the cellar, timbers high,
(Both hands point down, then up -- arms full length.)
Pointed roof up in the sky,
(Bring fingertips together over the head.)
Drive the nails in straight and true
(Hammer with one fist on the other.)
Build a house for me and you.
(Continue to hammer.)
Windows, shining eyes to see,
(Circle hands at eyes and `peek` in.)
Doors open wide to welcome me,
(Open arms wide.)
Fire glowing, oh, so bright,
(`Warm` hands in front of fire, then rub hands together.)
That is HOME on winter`s night.
(Hug self as if snug and warm.)


book cover Only A Witch Can Fly - Alison McGhee

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Try This!

With your child, label items in your house. Practice saying the words together.

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