January 29

Sing a Song

Hop Like A Bunny

Here is a fun way to move around and be active. It’s called Hop Like A Bunny. You can do your own body and hand motions!

Hop like a bunny.
(hop with feet together)
Run like a dog.
(walk on hands and knees)
Walk like an elephant.
(hold one arm in front like a trunk, and
sway back and forth)
Jump like a frog.
(squat down with hands on floor and hop)
Swim like a goldfish.
(hold palms together and move hands
in swimming motion)
Fly like a bird.
(flap arms up and down)
Then sit right down
And don't say a single word.
(sit down on floor or chair)

Try This!

Mother Goose Time!

Up in the Green Orchard

Up in the green orchard
There is a green tree,
The finest of pippins that you ever see.
The apples are ripe,
And ready to fall,
And Reuben and Robin*
Shall gather them all.

*You can insert your child or children’s names instead of Ruben and Robin. If you have a baby, try lifting your baby up when you say the rhyme and use his or her name.


book cover Old Mother Hubbard - illustrated by Brandon Steen

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