Meet SC Authors

Betsy Byars

Betsy Byars Betsy Byars has written over sixty books for young people. She began her writing career five years after her graduation from Queens College in Charlotte by publishing short magazine articles. As she began to read to her children, her interest in writing for young people began. Her first book, Clementine, was published in 1962 and since then she has authored many award-winning books including the Newbery Medal winner The Summer of the Swans. Betsy lives with her husband Ed on an air strip in the upstate of South Carolina.

  • Betsy Byars - Betsy Byars has written many children's books. Read her autobiography in comic form!

Young Reader Books by Betsy Byars:

Joyce Hansen

Joyce Hansen Joyce Hansen has been writing books for children and young adults for over twenty years. Joyce’s first children’s book, The Gift-Giver, published in 1980, was inspired by her own Bronx childhood and by her students. She continued to teach and write until retiring from teaching in 1995. Joyce Hansen presently lives in South Carolina with her husband and writes full-time.

  • Joyce Hansen - Joyce Hansen writes contemporary novels for children, as well as historical fiction, exploring the African-American experience.

Children’s Books By Joyce Hansen:

  • Women of Hope
  • I Thought My Soul Would Rise and Fly
  • The Gift-Giver
  • Which Way Freedom?
  • The Captive
  • Out From This Place
  • Yellow Bird and Me