Be Prepared!

Family preparedness means having an emergency supply kit, an emergency plan, and being informed about the different emergencies that can happen in your area and the appropriate responses. The resources below can help you prepare your family for any emergency and give you tips for talking with your child about being prepared.

Make Your Family Ready for an Emergency

  • Plan for Emergencies
    Watch these videos and learn more about preparing for emergencies.
  • Being a Hero is fun! Games that will test your know-how in a wide range of emergencies and teach you how to build the perfect emergency kit.
  • FEMA for Kids
    The FEMA for Kids site provides games, stories, kid’s activity survival kit ideas, and more so your child will feel ready to handle an unexpected event.
  • Beyond Stranger Danger
    This website is for parents on talking to their kids about how to know when they are in danger.
  • Fire Safety Resources
    Print out games, pamphlets, fact sheets, and other publications to help you and your family stay safe from fire dangers.

South Carolina Specific

Videos and Interactive

Watch videos, sing songs, and explore an interactive house with your child to get everyone involved in being prepared and staying safe.

Just For Kids!

Book Ideas

These webpage have great recommendations for books to read with your child about being prepared for natural disasters.