October 1

Sing a Song

Five Little Ladybugs

Five little ladybugs on our front door, (Hold up five fingers.)
One flew to Isaac, and that left four. (Hold up four fingers.)
Four little ladybugs, oh so wee,
One flew to Dad, and that left three. (Hold up three fingers.)
Three little ladybugs saying "howdy-do,"
One flew to Brian, and that left two. (Hold up two fingers.)
Two little ladybugs snoozing in the sun,
One flew to Sarah, and that left one. (Hold up one finger.)
One little ladybug alone on the door,
It flew to Mom, then there were no more.
(Bend down last finger.)

Substitute names of people in your family for those in the rhyme.


Sesame Street: Number 1

Try This!

How tall are you? With your child, measure each member of your family at the beginning of the month and again at the end. Did they grow?


One Duck Stuck by Phyllis Root; illustrated Jane Chapman

book cover

Books to Check Out from the Library