January 17

Sing a Song

I'm Getting Very Hungry
(Tune: Frère Jacques)

Time for Lunch, Time for Lunch,
Let's get ready, Let's get ready.
I'm getting hungry, I'm getting Hungry.
How about you? How about you?
Wash your hands, wash your hands,
Before we eat, before we eat.
We should have clean hands, We should have clean hands.
When we eat, when we eat.


Sesame Street Healthy Food

Try This!

Draw a picture of a “lunchbox” (a simple box with a handle) and have your child “make” their own lunch by finding pictures of things they would like to eat, cut out from magazines or printed off the internet. You can also make a simple felt board with a large piece of cardboard, wrapped in felt fabric. Cut out felt shapes to look like fruits and vegetables or stick a piece of Velcro behind a picture to adhere it to the feltboard.


Monster Lunch by Pat Skene

book cover

Books to Check Out from the Library