May 19

Sing a Song

One, One, the Zoo is Lots of Fun

One, one,
The zoo is lots of fun
Two, two,
See a kangaroo
Three, three,
See a chimpanzee
Four, four,
Hear the lions roar
Five, five,
Watch the seals dive
Six, six,
There's a monkey doing tricks
Seven, seven,
Elephants eleven
Eight, eight,
A tiger and his mate
Nine, nine,
Penguins in a line
Ten, ten,
I want to come again!


Sesame Street: Murray Goes to the Zoo

Try This!

Make a zoo animal collage. Cut out pictures of (or draw) animals that you find at the zoo. Paste them on a big piece of paper. If you cannot visit a real zoo, find a zoo online with a live web cam and watch the animals from home like this one from the Smithsonian!


Felicity Floo Visits the Zoo written and illustrated by E.S. Redmond

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Books to Check Out from the Library