December 17

Sing a Song

I Built A Snowman

I built a snowman (pretend to build)
Pat, pat, pat, (pat air three times)
He turned out great! (form circle with thumb and forefinger)
Now clap, clap, clap! (clap three times)
I patted snow (pat air on sides of snowman)
On his cheeks, cheeks, cheeks (pat air three times)
I put on a hat (pretend to place hat on head)
On his head, head, head, (touch head three times)
I made his mouth (touch mouth)
Gave him bread, bread, bread (touch mouth three times)
His button eyes are (point to eyes)
Pink, pink, pink (touch eyes three times)
I thought I saw him (tilt head to one side)
He looks so real! ( nod head)
Like an owl, owl, owl (make spectacles with fingers)
I tweaked his nose (tweak nose)
Saw him scowl, scowl, scowl (frown)


Make an elf ornament!

Try This!

Make a list of friends. Brainstorm what each friend likes and make them a gift related to what you wrote on your list. For example, if your teacher enjoys chocolate, make him or her a gift of brownies!


Read The Paper Crane by Molly Bang and then make your own paper crane!

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Books to Check Out from the Library