August 16

Sing a Song

Tool Time

Peter works with (one fist moving up and down)
1 hammer, 1 hammer, 1 hammer
Peter works with one hammer, now he works with 2.
Peter works with 2 hammers, etc. (two fists)
Peter works with 3 hammers, etc. (two fists & one foot)
Peter works with 4 hammers, etc. (two fists & two feet)
Peter works with (two fists, two feet & head nodding)
5 hammers, 5 hammers, 5 hammers
Peter works with 5 hammers, Now his work is done.

Try This!

Ask your child what he or she would like to be when he or she grows up.  Then draw a picture together showing the job.


The Biggest Job of All by Harriet Ziefert; illustrated by Lauren Browne

book cover

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