August 8

Sing a Song

Dragon Song
(Tune: "My Bonnie")

A dragon flew over our house
He landed right next to a tree
We asked him to stay for some dinner
And he ended up eating me.

He ate, he ate, he ate me all up, all up.
He ate, he ate, he ate me all up.
It’s very dark inside a dragon
I didn’t like it at all
I started to tickle his tummy
He laughed from summer to fall.

The dragon got tired from laughing
His mouth opened and I ran out
“Don’t eat anymore little children,” I said.
He said, “Sorry,” and started to pout.


Daniel's Dragon Pal

Try This!

Together, draw a picture of an imaginary animal like a unicorn or dragon, or make up your own and name the animal.


Red is a Dragon by Roseanne Thong; illustrated by Grace Lin

book cover

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