February 21

Sing a Song

Ring in the New Year by Dr. Jean
(Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")

Here is a song about all the colors of the rainbow.

Rainbow purple, rainbow blue,
Rainbow green and yellow too.
Rainbow orange, rainbow red,
Rainbow smiling overhead.

Come and count
The colors with me.
How many colors
Can you see?


Rainbow, Rainbow - Mother Goose Club Kids Karaoke

Try This!

Today is a rainbow day! You can make paint today. You can use:

  • A sprinkle of drink mix like kool-aid and water
  • Shaving cream, cold cream, or yogurt and food coloring
  • You can use fingers or brushes to make a rainbow!

Talk about when you might see a rainbow.

Sing the painting song:

I know my colors for painting fun
green like the grass and the yellow sun,
an orange pumpkin and white snow,
a red rose and a black crow,
blue like a mailbox,
brown like an ape,
a pink pig and some purple grapes!


Art's Supplies by Chris Tougas

book cover

Books to Check Out from the Library