February 23

Sing a Song

There Was a Little Turtle

This is a great rhyme to use hand motions.

There was a little turtle.
(one hand over the other, wiggle thumb)

He lived in a box.
(make box with both hands)

He swam in a puddle,
(make circles in palm of hand)

And he climbed on rocks.
(climb fingers over other hand)

He snapped at a mosquito,
(snap thumb and fingers together)

He snapped at a flea,
(repeat snap)

He snapped at a minnow,
(repeat snap)

And he snapped at me.
(point to self)

He caught the mosquito,
(clap hands)
He caught the flea,
(clap hands)
He caught the minnow,
(clap hands)
But he didn't catch me!
(point to self and shake head)


I Had a LIttle Turtle

Try This!

Today’s color is lime! Go to the grocery store and buy some limes to taste and to add to drinks. You can even have a whole meal with lime colored food and drink – try guacamole, green veggie chips, and green juice!


When Turtle Grew Feathers by Tim Tingle

book cover

Books to Check Out from the Library