Chester County

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Public Library Information

Check out your local public library for books, videos, age-appropriate story times, and other exciting family-oriented events and opportunities!

Chester County Library
100 Center Street
Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 377-8145

Great Falls Library
39 Calhoun St.
Great Falls, SC 29055
Phone: (803) 482-2149

Lewisville Community Library
3771 Lancaster Hwy
Richburg, SC 29729
Phone: (803) 789-7800

Family-Friendly Festivals

Festivals and other events are great ways to get out of the house and discover something new!


Great Falls

Fort Lawn

Family-Friendly Parks and Places

Parks are perfect for getting outside, staying fit and healthy, and enjoying the natural world near you.

Chester State Park
759 State Park DR
Chester, SC 29706
Phone: (803) 385-2680