September 23

Sing a Song

The Umbrella

Young Betty she took an umbrella, umbrella,
Down in the meadows so green.
Goosey Gander came up just to tell her,
To tell her,
That HE owned the meadows so green.
But Betty she spread her umbrella, umbrella,
Till nothing of her could be seen;
And the Goose, he could never compel her,
Compel her,
To run from those meadows so green.


Sesame Street: 'U' is for Umpire

Try This!

U is for Uno
Learn to count to ten in Spanish.
1 - uno
2 - dos
3 - tres
4 - cuatro
5 - cinco
6 - seis
7 - siete 
8 - ocho 
9 - nueve 
10 - diez


The Uglified Ducky by Willy Claflin; illustrated by James Stimson

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