October 6

Sing a Song

Five Little Firefighters

Five firefighters sit very still,
Until they see a fire on top of a hill,
Number one rings the bell, ding-dong,
Number two pulls his big boots on,
Number three jumps on the fire engine red,
Number four puts a fire hat on her head,
Number five drives the fire truck to the fire,
As the big yellow flames go higher and higher.
Whoooooo-oooooo! Whoooooo-oooooo!
Hear the fire truck say,
As all of the cars get out of the way.
Shhhhhh goes the water from the fire hose spout,
And quicker than a wink the fire is out!


Learn about fire safety!

Try This!

Call your local fire department and see if you can visit! Show your child your household smoke detector or install a new one.


The Fire Station by Robert Munsch; illustrated by Miachel Martchenko

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