October 18

Sing a Song


Two things make a pair. (Hold up two fingers.)
And on me, I’ll show you where. (Point to self.)
I have two ears, and I have two eyes. (Point to ear and eyes.)
Both are important to make me wise!
I have two holes in my nose. (Point to nose.)
That lets me smell a beautiful rose. (Pretend to smell a rose.)
I have two hands that clap a beat. (Clap hands to underlined words.)
I have two feet that are really neat! (Jump when saying the word neat!)


Friends of 10! Number Pairs that make 10!

Try This!

Today, you and your child count the socks in your house, singly and in pairs. Talk about things that come in pairs.


Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, School Day Math by Barbara Barbieri McGrath; illustrated by Tim Nihoff

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